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Hire a trainee for a maximum of 6 months!

At Select International we will look for the ideal trainee free of charge. For the fact is that being able to include experience abroad on your CV is a huge asset on the labour market. We:

  • select the 3 best candidates;
  • support the trainee on his or her adventure abroad;
  • help prepare the internship file and ensure the payment of the trainee's bursary;
  • ensure the follow-up of the internship and guarantee a smooth communication between the employer, the trainee and Actiris.

Let's cooperate!

Through the internship, we seek to propose targeted solutions to strengthen your team in order to accomplish certain tasks faced by your company. To guarantee the success of the internship, Actiris International :

  • manages your vacancy on an exclusive basis;
  • offers an interesting program for you and your intern;
  • appoints a supervisor to oversee the trainee;
  • provides insurance to cover the intern throughout his or her adventure;
  • organizes a regular and constructive assessment of the trainee.

Ready to recruit an intern?