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Advanced Science & Technology Validation Engineer (m/v)

Réf 1216587

Actualisé le 15 juillet 2020 par ARCQ

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As Advanced Science & Technology Engineer, you will Be responsible for creating validation and requalification documents and testing protocols with a focus on lab systems and lab software Be responsible for training others to implement new procedures in the daily operations Analyze processes and expose inefficiencies, errors and stumbling blocks Translate the needs of the laboratory to adapted software Analyze which equipment and software are needed to carry out specific steps in a process and you consider their optimization together with your colleagues Organize and carry out different tests (validations, analytical requalifications) on the different validated systems and you draw up problem analyses Report on the results and make adjustments where necessarycontribute to the implementation of CAPAs, while taking into account timelinescooperate closely with the Quality Control department, other Lab System validation engineers and the Advanced Science and Technology Coordinator.
  • Bouw / Ontwerp en techniek

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