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Fire and Working Permit Administrator (h/f)

Réf 1227114

Actualisé le 06 août 2020 par FLUXYS BELGIUM

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Energy is essential to our modern lives, but we rarely ask how it gets to us. Fluxys knows how, because we put energy in motion today and for tomorrow. Building on our heritage as a gas infrastructure company, we are committed to transporting other carbon-neutral energy carriers of the future

You will be responsible for managing work and hot-work permits at the LNG terminal, which is a manned Seveso plant. This entails: checking the completeness of permit applications; reviewing the proposed safety measures and supplementing them where necessary; approving permits; correctly terminating permits once work is complete, in consultation with the operator. You will be responsible for assessing, advising on and preparing safeguards. You will check that the stipulated safety measures are properly applied (on site). You will prepare the relevant reports.
  • Transport et logistique / Soutien à la production

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