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Senior Data Engineer (m/v)

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Actualisé le 05 août 2020 par ILIAS CONSULTING

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iRecruit is looking for a Senior Data Engineer for an Artificial Intelligence Start Up

Closely work together with the solution architects, data scientists and machine learning engineers to implement the best possible solution for customers¿ massive and diverse datasets.  Create and maintain scalable data pipelines and build out new API integrations to support continuing increases in data volume and complexity.  Design, construct, install, test and maintain data management systems. Build high-performance algorithms, predictive models, and prototypes. Implements processes and systems to monitor data quality, ensuring production data is always accurate and available for key stakeholders and business processes that depend on it. Work on a variety of challenges such as content and product recommendation, personalization, optimization, classification, ensemble learning, and active learning. Test several prototypes that use techniques like collaborative filtering, convnets, svm¿s, random forests, etc.
  • Informatica / Software

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