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Actualisé le 23 août 2020 par BPOST

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bpost is always on the move. We create an environment for our people with challenging projects, inspiring collaborations and the latest technologies, with interesting job opportunities and training programs for everyone.

Within this story we are looking for an experienced manager to manage a mail center (operational hub where the distribution of mail and parcels is organized) in Flanders, together with a management team of about 15 people and 200 to 300 employees, in order to achieve the operational objectives.

As Mail Center Manager, you coordinate the hub's activities in terms of people management and budget, but you also have an eye for continuous process optimization and constructive consultation with the social partners. You are responsible for achieving the Mail Center's financial objectives, monitoring budgetary developments and, if necessary, taking corrective action. You manage, supervise and develop all Mail Center staff (short, medium and long term) and you draw up a communication plan in which the expected development, objectives and actions are discussed. You draw up a well-being plan in which the expected development, objectives and actions are discussed on the following topics: management of absenteeism, management of the risks of accidents at work and action plans aimed at improving commitment and reducing stress levels. You draw up a customer management programme in which the development, actions and expected objectives in the following areas are addressed: managing the number of complaints, actively contributing to customer-focused projects in order to achieve customer satisfaction objectives, maintaining relationships with municipal authorities, public services and other pressure groups. You are responsible for achieving the objectives relating to customer satisfaction, monitoring developments and, where necessary, taking corrective action. You draw up an operational performance programme. You will achieve the objectives with regard to operational performance, monitor developments and, where necessary, take corrective action;
  • Gestion d'entreprises, de services et de projet / Gestion de services

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