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Innovation Manager in the field of Computing on Encrypted Data (h/f)

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Actualisé le 03 septembre 2020 par KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT TE LEUVEN

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This position in the COSIC research group of the KU Leuven, addresses valorization opportunities in new forms of cryptography that support calculations on encrypted data, without having to decrypt the data. These new forms of cryptography include fully homomorphic encryption, multi-party computation, trusted execution environments and related topics.

The Innovation Manager will identify opportunities for bilateral projects and research platforms, technology transfer, and potentially spin-off companies, including the definition of licenses, patents or other forms of valorization. All these tasks are executed in coordination with KU Leuven Research and Development. In particular, the Innovation Manager will assist in defining and maintaining a strategic research agenda to create a continuum between fundamental research, strategic research and applied research.

The lndustrial Research Fund (lOF) of KU Leuven forms a bridge between strategic basic research, technological innovations and industrial collaborations. Based on cooperations with KU Leuven research groups and different stakeholders from industry and society, we aim to broaden our valorization portfolio and to increase the transfer of knowledge. We have a team of more than 40 experienced innovation managers involved in the development of practical and innovative technological solutions based on the expertise and infrastructure of the research groups within KU Leuven.
Your responsibilities include:  Identify opportunities and develop new valorization projects at regional, national, European and international level; Industry collaboration: o  Extend existing catalogue of main industry players in the identified application areas; o  For each industrial partner, investigate their security needs; o  Analyse existing internal knowledge and identify gaps vs. industrial requirements; o  Identify opportunities for bilateral projects and technology transfer. Aid in steering the research agenda to accommodate said opportunities; o  Analyse and ensure compliance with export control regulations; Manage relations with external stakeholders (e.g. imec, VLAIO,¿); Project management: progress reporting and reporting of results for projects with a clear valorization track; Support the consortium in spin-off creation and the management of intellectual property; Participate in standardization efforts of the relevant cryptographic technologies; Network at Flemish, National, European and global level; Collaborate closely with the LRD division of KU Leuven. Within the consortium the role of the IOF fellow is to: Gain intimate knowledge of the current fields of expertise in the consortium; Stay up to date on research results, on on-going research topics and on plans for future research; Provide input to strategic and applied research agendas in line with the research strategy and opportunities identified; Define projects; Coordinate between the promotors and their research teams in order to identify synergies and new opportunities.
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