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Deputy Site Manager (h/f)

Réf 1288011

Actualisé le 07 octobre 2020 par FLUXYS BELGIUM

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Energy is essential to our modern lives, but we rarely ask how it gets to us. Fluxys knows how, because we put energy in motion ¿ today and for tomorrow. Building on our heritage as a gas infrastructure company, we are committed to transporting other carbon-neutral energy carriers of the future.

At the compressor station, the pressure of natural gas is increased to maintain the desired flow rate in the pipeline. The gas is compressed to ensure that it has enough energy to continue on its way to end consumers under the best possible conditions. Our compressor station in Weelde is active on the two 'Dorsales' (DN 900) that transmit low-calorific natural gas from the Dutch border (Poppel) to the French border (Blaregnies). 

After an intensive period of training, as Deputy Site Manager you will be part of the local team of 10 employees and will coordinate with the Site Manager activities and tasks that will ensure that the compressor station operates as efficiently as possible. In the absence of the Site Manager, you will follow up on short-term tasks, making adjustments where necessary. You will also monitor compliance with safety regulations, keep an eye on the site's safety culture and manage the electronic system for permits to work (including safeguards). You will be partly responsible for managing general maintenance and inspection tasks (e.g. statutory tests and inspections) as well as the development of the quality and safety policy. When scheduling, coordinating and monitoring special works (maintenance, inspections, repairs), you will work closely with those responsible for the maintenance of electrical systems and mechanical equipment to ensure the effective operation of the compressor station. In this context you will monitor the implementation of the maintenance schedule and the availability of the facilities. You will take care of various administrative tasks (optimising permits, procedures, reporting, data processing, personnel-related matters, etc.). You will follow up on the evaluation process for employees in collaboration with the Site Manager and in doing so, will also identify their training needs.
  • Gestion d'entreprises, de services et de projet / Gestion de projet

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