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Administrative Agent Import-Export (m/v)

Réf 1295652

Actualisé le 16 octobre 2020 par IMPACT

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Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Export ¿ Process and pouch Airway Bills
  • Export ¿ Create files and plan collections with an appointed trucking company as per customer¿s expectation
  • Export ¿ Freight tracking and delay follow up with data input 
  • Export ¿ Customs compliance follow up 
  • Import ¿ Deal with arrival notices, handovers and turnovers
  • Import ¿ Proof of delivery follow up 
  • Import ¿ Put on location follow up 
  • Import ¿ Monitor ¿Over, Short, Damaged¿ and file preliminary notice of claims
  • Import ¿ Expedite direct files from A till Z 
  • Import / Export ¿ General data input into operational system and documentation scanning 
  • Import / Export ¿ Contribute to maintain good relationships with suppliers as airlines, trucking companies and other parties involved
  • Import / Export ¿ Ensure all customers standard operating procedures are followed and updated in the DLSOP
  • Import / Export ¿ Understand department process flow, and looking for best practices to improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • Import / Export ¿ Meet KPI standards in accordance with the company¿s procedures
  • Import / Export ¿ Meet compliance at all times to regulations. This includes internal policies / procedures and external government regulations or customer¿s policies / requirements.
  • Import / Export ¿ Escalation of problems to Management when necessary
Company: Brucargo
  • Administratie en boekhouding / Secretariaat, kantoorwerk en administratie van het personeel

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