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Software and System Developer (m/v)

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Geactualiseerd op 01 april 2021 via KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT TE LEUVEN

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MICAS is a research group within the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) of the KU Leuven. MICAS researches the design of integrated circuits and electronic systems. This research is carried out in close collaboration with the electronics industry and approximately 75% of the group's budget comes from industrial partnerships. MICAS consists of 7 professors and 80 Ph.D. researchers. KU Leuven MICAS is therefore the largest circuit research group at an academic level in Europe. MICAS tapes out dozens of chips every year and has a first-class chip packaging and measurement laboratory. More information about the group and its activities can be found at

This project will be carried out in close collaboration with the bioengineering faculty of the University of Ghent, in particular the research group CMET: the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology.
Together with other researchers you will work on improving a bio-electrochemical measurement system, developed at KULeuven and UGent. This measuring system is the first to enable to study microorganisms at high throughput under the influence of electron donors / acceptors. This field is called electromicrobiology. Yet, to date our knowledge of how this affects human health is very limited. This is partly due to the complexity and low throughput of the experiments. The developed instrument can significantly speed up this research, and is already showing its usefulness in testing hypotheses on the human microbiome. The aim of the collaboration is to prepare this system for use by external partners, and thus prepare the path to its commercialization. Specifically, you will work on software solutions that make the system more robust and user-friendly, and on system solutions for better housing and mounting. In this way, we together realize a first complete prototype that can be used by others.


For the envisioned work, we are looking for a person with:   A background in software development with knowledge of C ++ and Python   Experience with Matlab for data processing and visualization   Experience with developing GUIs   Experience with programming embedded systems with C and C ++   Good communication skills in Dutch and English, both spoken and written   Basic knowledge of electronics (PCB design, electronic circuits and control theory) is a plus.   Basic knowledge of electrochemistry is a plus.


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