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Post-doctoral Researcher (h/f)

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Geactualiseerd op 02 september 2020 via INSTITUT NATIONAL DES RADIO-ELEMENTS

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Based in Belgium, IRE is a world leader in the production of radioisotopes for public health, mainly in the areas of diagnosis and therapy (99Mo, 131I, 133Xe). IRE produces radiopharmaceuticals and provides of services in the field of environmental monitoring and health protection.

IRE is developing a new methodology to produce 99Mo using an innovative high power electron accelerator (SMART Project), which allows to produce 99Mo in a much cleaner way, without relying on nuclear reactors.  In this frame, we are looking for a highly skilled post-doctoral researcher (M.F.X).

As Post-doctoral researcher, you will  to study radiation damages induced by protons and electrons on exotic materials. The research will be performed on a Tandetron accelerator located at the University of Namur (BE) and on a cyclotron located at IRE, in collaboration with the company DEMCON (NL) in charge of the target development. The postdoc position will be under the payroll of IRE but geographically shared between the University of Namur and IRE according to the needs. Some mission to DEMCON (NL) for reporting or for equipment development (target holder,¿) will  also be scheduled. Tasks : Get familiar with the SMART project, make bibliographic research about the subject, and investigate materials resistance to ionizing radiation. Operate in autonomous way the Tandetron accelerator (UNamur) and associated equipment (µ-probe, IBA¿). Participate in the operation and develop experiments on the IRE cyclotron facility to fulfill the objectives. Support cyclotron testing at IRE Develop experiments to determine materials resistance to high power density beam in collaboration with DEMCON. Participate to follow-up meeting with IRE-UNamur-DEMCON on a regular basis to discuss results and plan the next research steps.
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