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The objectives

The aim of the ESF is twofold: 

  • It helps you find a better-quality job.
  • It seeks to offer fairer career prospects to all EU citizens.

To achieve this, partnerships are established between the European Commission and national and regional authorities. An Operational Programme for the Brussels-Capital Region has been drawn up, setting out the strategic guidelines and priorities.

Thanks to this fund, Actiris invests in particular:

  • in the sustainable integration of young people into the labour market;
  • in access to employment for all;
  • in measures to match the needs of employers to the skills of workers;
  • in the fight against discrimination on the labour market.

Want to know more?

If you want to discover the Brussels projects supported by the ESF, look at the actions in progress.

The ESF contributes to the "Europe 2020" objectives. Read more about it in the partnership agreement.

Europe defines the operation of the fund.  It is therefore European rules that dictate how it should operate. The Europe in Belgium website shows what the Belgian Authorities and the European Union have put in place for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

For more information, also have a look on the website of the European Commission.