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Did you flee the war in Ukraine and would you like to find work? As soon as you have obtained a stay permit in Belgium (Annex 15 or A card), you are allowed to work. If you register with Actiris, you can, like other job-seekers, call upon the services of Actiris and its extensive partner network.

Step 1: Temporary protection certificate

If you were permanently residing in Ukraine, and you left the country to escape war from 24 February 2022 on, you may be entitled to temporary protection. First of all, you must report in person at the registration center of the Immigration Office and a 'temporary protection certificate' will be issued if the conditions are met.

Step 2: Annex 15 or A card

With the 'temporary protection certificate' you can register at the municipal administration of your place of residence. When you register, you first receive a document called 'Annex 15' and later an 'A card'. You need these documents to be allowed to work in Belgium. Attention: the A card is valid until March 4, 2023. This may be extended depending on the situation in Ukraine.

Step 3: Registration as job-seeker with Actiris

The next step is your registration with Actiris. As a public employment service, Actiris is the main player and provider of employment solutions in the Brussels Capital Region.

How to register?

You can ask for an appointment at one of the 18 offices of Actiris or at the Astro Tower by passing by or by calling the free number 0800 35 123 (French or Dutch). You don't speak these languages? Then ask someone who speaks French or Dutch and who has a Belgian telephone number to assist you.

At the Astro Tower (Avenue de l'Astronomie 14, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Noode, 3rd floor) interpreters are available to facilitate registration for those who need interpretation. The opening hours at the Astro Tower are from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm. Make your appointment below.

Make an appointment to register with Actiris

Step 4 : Counselling

Your registration with Actiris gives you access to an extensive range of services and partners who can assist you in your job search.

Visit this page regularly to stay abreast of information sessions and other interesting information.

Watch the video below to see how Actiris can assist you.


Watch this video in English, Ukrainian, Russian or another language.


Any other questions? Or ready to register with Actiris and start your job search? Contact us!

Offices of Actiris in the municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region 

Phone 0800 35 123, from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30


If you are staying in Flanders, you are asked to register at a VDAB office. You can find more information about working and living in Flanders here

If you are staying in Wallonia, you are asked to register at a Forem office. You can find more information on working in Wallonia here.


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Legislation on the use of languages: this information is a translation of a webpage in French and Dutch. Actiris is a Brussels public service and communicates in French and Dutch. We exceptionally use other languages to inform newcomers about our services. Looking for work in the Brussels-Capital Region or Belgium? You will increase your chances if you learn French or / and Dutch. Actiris can assist you in doing so.


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