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Road worker M/V/X

Referentie 4128080 | Gecreëerd op 26 november 2023

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  • Arbeidstijd : Voltijds
  • Type contract : Interim
  • Beroepengroep : Bouw / Wegenwerken

Beschrijving van de functie

Our client is looking for a motivated road worker to strengthen the team in the Herselt region. When you start here, you will be performing the following tasks:
  • every morning, you will be picked up at your home by the foreman (or at a pick-up point close to your house);
  • your workday starts early in the morning at the construction site, usually between 7:00 and 7:30 (depending on the season);
  • alongside your colleagues, you will be responsible for various roadworks on different construction sites;
  • these sites often include public tenders and public places;
  • you usually work in a team with a foreman and three colleagues, including an excavator operator;
  • you carry out roadworks according to technical and construction plans;
  • you receive instructions and guidance from your foreman;
  • additionally, you perform groundwork;
  • you conduct sewerage works;
  • you perform manual excavation work with a shovel;
  • you carry out infrastructure and road beautification work;
  • you install pipes and cables;
  • you place curbs;
  • you perform repairs on existing roads;
  • small masonry work is also part of your duties;
  • you also perform tasks related to the road superstructure;
  • you ensure a neat finish;
  • you assist other colleagues as needed;
  • you take care of all the equipment provided to you;
  • when necessary, you report to the foreman or site management;
  • safety is always your top priority.

Our partner for this job vacancy for a road worker in Herselt is a construction company in Belgium with a long history in the industry. They specialize in various construction activities and offer a wide range of services to their clients. The company values a personal approach, both with their employees and customers. They combine their years of experience with modern technology and strive for sustainability in their operations. As an organization, they provide a professional and stimulating work environment for their employees. The company has a solid reputation and delivers quality work in the construction sector.

Jouw profiel

For this job vacancy as a road worker in the Herselt region, we are looking for someone with the following qualities:
  • you are punctual and precise;
  • you are willing to perform physically demanding work;
  • you are a team player who values a strong group spirit;
  • you place great importance on a positive atmosphere at the construction site;
  • you enjoy working outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions;
  • you are eager to learn and open to advice from experienced colleagues;
  • you are flexible in terms of distances and overtime;
  • you show interest in various projects and construction sites;
  • you have a hands-on mentality;
  • you prioritize personal contact and expect the same from an employer;
  • you describe yourself as a hard worker who always works safely.

Voordelen van de betrekking

At our client, a renowned construction company with the job vacancy as a road worker in the Herselt region, you'll become a part of a larger organization with the feel of a small-medium enterprise. Specifically, we offer:
  • a permanent job after a successful probation period;
  • an attractive salary according to construction sector wage scales;
  • the possibility of transportation to and from the construction site for work-related travel;
  • support from a job coach throughout your employment, both for administrative matters and other issues;
  • work in a VCA-certified company;
  • work in the region;
  • fair mobility and mileage allowances;
  • a position in an innovative family-owned business;
  • all the benefits of a job in the construction sector;
  • overtime pay;
  • various extras and attentions from the management;
  • a pension premium for temporary workers in the construction sector;
  • an end-of-year bonus as per the joint committee of the construction sector;
  • a daily clothing allowance;
  • eco vouchers worth €115 per year;
  • internal and external training opportunities;
  • access to an extensive machinery fleet;
  • full-time employment of 40 hours per week;
  • construction industry loyalty stamps;
  • construction industry weather downtime stamps;
  • various team activities aimed at promoting group cohesion;
  • a job with a company with a strong reputation;
  • 20 annual vacation days supplemented with 12 ADV (Additional Days Off) days;
  • construction industry catch-up rest days;
  • 3 weeks of construction industry vacation in the summer;
  • 2 weeks of vacation in the winter period;
  • employment with a company that receives a lot of positive publicity;
  • internal advancement opportunities along with the company.
Would you like to learn more? Or if this job isn't quite what you're looking for but you are in search of a (new) job in the construction sector, be sure to contact us using the details below! +32 16 31 49 40 /
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